Episode 16: Mom Autism Retirement Planning 101 with Joe Saul-Sehy and Brenton Harrison

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In week one of this two-week discussion, we cover:

-The basics of tax-advantaged retirement accounts — and why Roth IRAs may be particularly attractive to the resource-thin.
-Similarities and differences between target date funds, index funds and ETFs.
-Time horizon & risk tolerance.
-Why investor behavior is often more of a concern than investment fees.
-Socially Responsible Investments and ESG investing.

Episode 15: Career & Life Skills for Aspie Teens & Young Adults

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Today on Mom Autism Money, we sit down with Blake Baumann of Aspie-R Coaching. Blake shares great, actionable ideas to help prepare your kids for communication in social circles and work venues, ways to build confidence, and exercises that can help your child envision a future they can get excited about. We also learn about Blake’s 1% rule, which can help you or your child improve skills in a focused area by 3,700% over a year.

Episode 14: Vocational Rehabilitation with Dena Gassner

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In this week’s episode of Mom Autism Money, Dena Gassner is back to teach us the ins and outs of Vocational Rehabilitation. Your state’s office of vocational rehabilitation can provide funding for job training, college, and even entrepreneurship.

Episode 6: This Black Friday, Shop Autistic-Owned Businesses

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This Black Friday, Mom Autism Money makes it easy for you to support Autistic-owned businesses and businesses owned by parents of Autistic children. Be sure to listen to find exclusive sales and promo codes — just for Mom Autism Money listeners. Support the community as you shop for the holidays this year!

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